Volume IV Course Details

SFG Volume IV: The A1 Exam Speaking Module

In Volume IV of SFG you will master the speaking portion of the A1 Exam.

This includes…

  • Understanding Exam Instructions
  • Practicing Your Self-Introduction
  • Asking and Answering Informational Questions
  • Making and Responding To Requests

SFG Volume IV is comprised of 42 lessons and covers material from the Goethe Institute’s A1 Level vocabulary list.

You will learn Hundreds of new nouns and adjectives, and over 100 new verbs

By the time you finish the course, you’ll have had over twenty hours of practice speaking German.
And to continue improving your ear, the course features four new native German speakers.

As with Volumes I, II and III, SFG Volume IV uses the same powerful techniques: 

  • Visual Grouping, to master noun gender
  • Novel Usage, to integrate new vocabulary
  • Super-Literal Translation, so you’ll always know what you’re literally saying
  • Word Origin Analysis, so you can discover the relation to English words
  • Spaced Repetition, to move words quickly into your long-term memory

NOTE: Volume IV is not for absolute beginners. Approximately half of the vocabulary on the Goethe List
is covered in Volumes I, II and III of Stress Free German.

The course consists of 42 downloadable mp3 lessons, and the accompanying PDFs.  

For non-members the standalone price is $149.

For a $50 savings current SFG Members can use the following coupon code to get Volume IV for just $99.

SFG Member Code = volume4

To apply the code at checkout, look for text that says “Add Promotion Code” click and enter “volume4” into the field.

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