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SFG Volume V: Using German TV As Source Material

In Volume V of SFG your German will take a huge leap forward as we listen to and break down episodes of German television. In this volume of the course you will…

  • Master speaking in the past tense.
  • Learn to parse native German speech at full speed!
  • Grasp advanced verbs and grammar concepts by learning them in context.
  • Pick up high-frequency idioms and expressions naturally.
  • Develop the skill of Active Listening

Stress Free German Volume V is comprised of 20 lessons, plus 20 Listening Practice Audios, giving you access to hundreds of clips from German Media. During the course you will learn not just new nouns and verbs, but also common German expressions, useful idioms, and complex grammar ideas like the passive voice. Along with developing your listening comprehension, SFG Volume V will also help you master the past tense in German. This is your first step towards B Level German.

As always, SFG Volume V incorporates the same powerful techniques:

  • New Native Speakers, to improve your ear
  • Visual Grouping, to master noun gender
  • Novel Usage, to integrate new vocabulary
  • Super-Literal Translation, so you’ll always know what you’re literally saying
  • Word Origin Analysis, so you can discover the relation to English words
  • Spaced Repetition, to move words quickly into your long-term memory

The course consists of 20 downloadable lessons, plus 20 Listening Practice audios, and the accompanying PDFs.

For non-members the standalone price is $79.

For a $30 savings current SFG Members can use the following coupon code to get Volume V for just $49.

SFG Member Code = volume5

To apply the code at checkout, look for text that says “Add Promotion Code” click and enter “volume5” into the field.

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